Dr. Sandy Jost

In pursuit of "more" wellness & health 


Doctorate in psychology, master's in nutritional biochemistry, Dr. Sandy Jost promotes the deepest wisdom of body, mind, and spirit


Dr. Sandy Jost helps you to hear your OWN inner voice that supports the Authentic YOU!


Guided imagery, journaling, meditation ... all add deeper wisdom to the healing journey, so hospitals are adding Dr. Sandy Jost's publications to traditional cancer treatment


Fall in love with your ability to rewire the brain (neurogenesis) and change the deepest protein expression of your DNA (epigenetics) through highly personalized & interactive guided imagery certification online: www.HealingImages.com

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Anti-Aging for the Authentic Woman


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Contact Me

Please use this form to contact me or send me an email at DrJost@DrSandyJost.com

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