Anti-Aging Authentically

... as per Dr. Sandy Jost

Once Upon a Time ...

... there was a very grumpy 50 year old woman who was suddenly aware that she was not feeling very energetic anymore. She lacked motivation for anything other than going to bed at night. "Is it time yet?" she would continuously ask herself.

Now this is VERY different from the woman of a decade ago, when she founded a non-profit, built a business from the ground up, and lived a highly creative and happily contented lifestyle with her work and her loved ones.

She thought she was doing everything "right" in the way of her health. She was not overweight. She ate and cooked a variety of whole foods. And if truth be told, she was probably even a bit arrogant, thinking she was quite a bit MORE aware than most on HOW to be healthy. I mean, it was her whole BACKGROUND for heaven's sake: Body, Mind, & Spirit Health!

When she looked deeper, she didn't feel as if she lived an emotionally stressful life either. She loved her husband. Her children had recently made the transition to venture out on their own and were doing well. And she got a long quite well with all family members and friends. She even had a dog! :)

Yet she had to acknowledge that every evening was bringing with it the feeling that she could barely drag herself into the bathroom to brush her teeth at night before seeking those soooo welcome bedsheets to carry her through until morning.

Was it simply menopause? Getting older? Having no challenges to excite her anymore?

Five years later: It was a long, long path, it turned out, to rediscovering her "youthful" expression of Life. But she did it. An eventual diagnosis and understanding that her heavy metal toxicity had caused a leaky gut and then Hashimoto's hypothyroiditis (which turns out to be a very prevalent autoimmune condition). This has changed her whole "life mission" now toward her passion for educating others.

Don't let others say to you: "Oh, you're just getting older!" ... "That's menopause for you!" ... Or joke that it's another "senior moment" one needs to endure!

This is YOUR LIFE! Are you ready to give up your youth? Or are you thinking too that you don't want to age too soon.

Yet the anti-aging fads aren't hitting your buttons either, for they just seem so ... well ... shallow!

Let's get deeper into why you are feeling less than what you had HOPED to feel in these wonderful latter years when life is supposed to be more stress free. Let HER lifestyle lessons help YOU to make lifestyle changes that will turn out to be just what you are needing to get your "old self" or even YOUNGER SELF back!

The True Self IS the Authentic Self, and the ability to live fully UNTIL you die is the goal every person wants for themself!

So are you intrigued enough to follow along on this blog of a journey with me? My goal is to help YOU find your own Authentic Self that at this point might be somewhat buried within. Hopefully you will find yourself a bit sooner than later by seeing your own reflection in my stories.

For yes, she (okay, I, Dr Sandy) am a woman who now feels HOPEFUL again. Who now has ENERGY for more ... MUCH MORE ... rather than simply coping with life.

I will tell you what I had to change in order to rediscover this Authentic Anti-Aging Self that I am!

And if YOU can make even just one lifestyle change through these posts, then I will be happy. For you see, the heart of me is "teacher." I have always known this. So if YOU are an ever-learning student of life's hidden messages just waiting for you to discover, then please let me know you're "listening" (for that will encourage me) ... but do read on ...

You might find that telling your OWN story amongst the comments will bring YOU Authentic healing too!

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